A lot of famous directors begin their careers by making…

A lot of famous directors begin their careers by making weird, experimental films. For instance, there’s the case of Martin Scorsese and his odd, six-minute film The Big Shave that he made in 1967. It had an alternative title, Viet ’67, because it was apparently a metaphor for the war in Vietnam, even though the entire film involves a guy shaving.

According to Slate.com, “the director conceived of the film after emerging from a ‘spell of deep depression,’ during which he apparently had trouble shaving.”

Over at Cinephilia & Beyond, they’ve posted Scorsese’s original script for the film.

In 2011, the singer Dave Hause made a music video that recreated the scenes from the film.


Boss played a prank on his subordinates

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a boss decided to play a prank on his employees. The owner of NSoft, Igor Krzyzic, held a meeting at the company’s main office and delivered a speech. Apparently, he thought that committing suicide would be a great conclusion of the speech. So, he just jumped off the balcony. Fortunately, no one was hurt; including the creative boss. This was not his first prank. Back in 2015, he did another one.


Berlin Wall: Frieda Schulze’s escape


Often, the border between West and East Berlin used to pass directly to homes. So, in most cases, the entrance was on the eastern side, and the windows looked out to the West. When building of the Berlin Wall started, many residents used to jump from the windows to the street, where they were caught by Western firefighters or just regular city folks.
The picture captured a similar case. 77-year-old Frieda Schulze tries to escape from the window of a house, which is located in the eastern sector of Berlin. East German secret service officers are seen in the windows, who are trying to pull her back.

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