Berlin Wall: Frieda Schulze’s escape


Often, the border between West and East Berlin used to pass directly to homes. So, in most cases, the entrance was on the eastern side, and the windows looked out to the West. When building of the Berlin Wall started, many residents used to jump from the windows to the street, where they were caught by Western firefighters or just regular city folks.
The picture captured a similar case. 77-year-old Frieda Schulze tries to escape from the window of a house, which is located in the eastern sector of Berlin. East German secret service officers are seen in the windows, who are trying to pull her back.


In 1962 astronaut Scott Carpenter spent a total of 28 days

In 1962 astronaut Scott Carpenter spent a total of 28 days below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, close to the La Jolla, CA coast, in the SEALAB II experimental underwater habitat. This was a world record and quite a feat considering the dangers of saturation diving. Congratulations were clearly in order and the consummate politician President Lyndon Johnson did not skip a beat. Carpenter, aided by Capt. George F. Bond, USN, M.D., was to call the President to receive his congratulations.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter spoke to President Johnson 200 ft below the surface of the ocean, but he was in a decompression chamber with a helium atmosphere and nobody could understand what he was saying.

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