“Miracle” Escape

Belgian artist Mikes Poppe recently chained himself to a four-ton block of marble and then attempted to free himself by chiseling away at it. His goal was to demonstrate how the “inescapable burden of history” imprisons artists.

Nineteen days later he gave up and asked to be freed, admitting that he had “underestimated the marble.” Despite this, he said, “I don’t see that as a failure… On the contrary. I have been able to communicate with the public. I am now going to read the many comments in the guestbook and take a warm bath.”

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Janet Jagen is the first American woman…

Janet Jagen is the first American woman to be become president of a country. She was born in Chicago, moved to Guyana, and was elected president there. Janet Jagen was also the wife of former president Cheddi Jagen. And, another Guyanese president fact is that the first president was Arthur Chung, who was the first Asian person to lead a non Asian country. So Guyana elected a Chinese man before China did.

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