14 Insane facts about relationships and marriage

Even in XXI century, a human’s behavior remains a huge mystery. Now imagine how things get complicated when we talk about behavior in a relationship between two persons. What rules them? Which are the reasons for getting married and divorced? What do people fight about? What are the most surprising facts about relationships? Our friends from vavadating.com know something about it.
1. Men are happier in marriage. Believe it or not, a massive American research proved that it is more favorably to get married. Despite common beliefs that polygamous men are not created for a silent family life, a real science shows other facts. So, married men live longer, happier, and are healthier than those who’ve never been in such relationships. Indeed, settling down change people for better.

2. Arguing is good for both of you. When you keep everything inside, nothing goes right. It was proven in 2012 after researchers of Florida State University interviewed couples. It is a fact that couples discuss their problems (even in a form of quarrel) it is still better than a silence. Every disturbing signal in your partner’s behavior (even if it seems insignificant) needs to be considered. So, fights in relationships are paradoxically good (if they are not frequent, of course).
3. In Sweden, all married couples’ addresses should be publically available. Great law for the Swedish celebrities, isn’t it? It is sarcasm. Because of this law, many famous people, unless they are politicians, sometimes refuse to get married officially, so they choose long-lasting cohabitation.
4. The average married couple spends approximately 4 minutes a day alone. Because of tensed working graphic, entertainments like internet or television, and of course kids, modern couples have less time to stay alone in an intimate ambiance.
5. The younger you are, the higher is the risk of divorce. We think it’s no longer a secret that young marriages are more likely to be doomed. Due to the lack of experience, people under 25 in family relationships risk to get divorced more often and much earlier than couples who get married at the age of 25-30.
6. According to the American research, approximately 40% of families consist of at least one partner who was married before. Moreover, the researchers claim 60% of divorced people get married again in the next 5 years.
7. Birth order impacts on the success of marriage. How does it work? The highest rate of divorce is observed among families where both partners who are the only children in families. The best combination for marriage comes out of relationships between two older siblings. As you may see, it all depends on responsibility and the level of egoism.
8. People are happiest not during a honeymoon. Despite a common fallacy that newlyweds are happy during their honeymoon, sometimes it may be all upside down. Some young couples go through a so-called ‘wedding hangover’ when they feel upset about new family life and routine that follows. Only after a year of marriage, when partners went through the main difficulties, in most cases they feel real happiness.
9. An expensive wedding is not a guarantee for a happy marriage. The divorce rate is the highest among couples that spent more than $20000. Newlyweds that spent $10000 or less get divorced almost twice less. Apparently, money can’t buy you love.
10. The wedding cake tradition is much older than you think. It came from ancient Rome where it was common to share a loaf of bread among guests and random visitors on a wedding. They broke a loaf over the bride’s head so that she could have more babies.
11. One of the laws of Florida claims that any verbal declaration of marriage in a presence of court officers in a courthouse is valid. One of the most notorious serial killers Ted Bundy took advantage of this law during his trial where he proposed to his girlfriend when she was given testimony. Carol Ann Boone became his wife and in several hours Bundy was sentenced to death.
12. Marriage hardships are one of the primary reasons for the lack of productivity. The US surveys showed that American business loses almost $6 billion in revenue every year because of its employees’ troubles in family lives. On the contrary, a happy marriage makes people productive at work.
13. There is a 20% probability that your first marriage will end in 5 years. However, the risk of breaking up after 5 years of premarital cohabitation is almost 50%. The same situation is with 10 years of marriage and cohabitation. The risk of breakup in the first marriage is about 30% after a decade, and in a cohabitation, it increases to 62%.
14. A family couple is unhappier if a woman earns more money than a man. Fascinating, but in this case, both partners feel unhappy.


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