A Bronx bus driver fed up with the daily …

William-CimilloA Bronx bus driver fed up with the daily annoyances and nonsense of it all, William Cimillo, 38, climbed behind the wheel of his bus one morning in 1947 and took a 1,300-mile detour. He said later that he was overcome by “that old spring-time urge.” He started driving, and he didn’t stop until he reached Florida, where he was found two weeks later. During the entire trip, no one ever asked him why he was driving an empty New York bus down the highway.
The bus company filed charges of grand larceny against him, but the public rallied in support of him, feeling that Cimillo simply gave in to that “yearning for escape” that everyone feels at one time or another. So eventually the company forgave him and put him back on the job, on the condition that he was on probation for one year.

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