A war was once fought over a bucket…

A war was once fought over a bucket. 2,000 people died. Other stupid war reasons:

War of Jenkins’ Ear – England went to war with Spain over an ear and ended up losing over 400 ships and 20,000 men.
War of the Golden Stool – An English guy wanted to sit in the nice chair when visiting Ghana and ended up getting 3000+ people killed.
The Pig War – The US and UK almost came to blows over a pig until someone realized that it would be insane to “involve two great nations in a war over a squabble about a pig.”
The War of the Stray Dog – Greek – Bulgarian border tensions escalated and got 100+ people killed after a stray dog crossed the border.
The Football War – The FIFA Worldcup qualifier in 1969 between Honduras and El-Salvador got out of hand. Thousands of people died and Brazil won the tournament the next year.

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