Joseph Beuys: “I Like America and America Likes Me”

In 1974, German artist Joseph Beuys arrived in America for the first time. Upon landing at the airport, he was transported by ambulance directly to the Rene Block Gallery in New York City. He emerged from the ambulance wrapped in a grey felt blanket and was then placed in a room with a wild coyote where he spent the next three days.

According to “The coyote’s behavior changed throughout the three days, becoming sometimes cautious, detached, aggressive and then friendly.” Also, at one point, “Fifty new copies of the Wall Street Journal were added to the closed space, which the coyote acknowledged by urinating on them.”

After the three days were up, Beuys was again wrapped in the felt blanket and was returned to the airport.

Beuys called this performance art piece “I like America and America likes me.”


The Friars is a pub in the small town of Bridgnor…

The Friars is a pub in the small town of Bridgnor, UK. Recently, it became widely known, thanks to a designer’s creativity. Presumably, the owner of the pub, asked Dave, to create a poster for the “Music Night”. The poster supposed to have an announcement of the event and the list of music bands performing in the pub. The designer Dave was so lazy, that he just took a screenshot of the conversation and designed it as an advertising poster.

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