7 Practical Tips in Finding Your Ideal Cabin Rental in Big Bear Lake

Are you planning to spend your next vacation in Big Bear Lake? As a beautiful mountain resort municipality in San Bernardino County, California, Big Bear Lake offers lots of activities and amazing sceneries to visiting tourists all-year-round. If you plan to stay for several days in the town, it is best to choose from the available big bear cabin rentals for your entourage.

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4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

Whether it be spring or winter, it’s always a great time to give your home a quick refresher. But that doesn’t mean you have to disrupt your family’s life with massive construction and remodeling work. Instead, consider these simple ways to refresh your home.

Look to Your Windows

Windows bring brightness into your home, but sometimes the coverings we use for privacy or protection from the sun can block this light and life. Window blinds are also one of the first things in a room to collect dust.  If a simple dusting doesn’t do the trick, consider bringing in lighter colored blinds into your home. This instantly allows more light into a room but also doesn’t absorb the light already present like darker blinds might. This one little replacement can have a dramatic effect on the way any room in your home looks and feels.

Greens are Good for your Health!

Plants literally give us our breath, so why not bring more into your home to liven things up? Choose plants that are low maintenance and great for the air quality in your home. These include aloe, Chinese evergreen, and fiddle leaf fig, as well as a host of other great plants. Place these plants strategically around your home to invite clean air and that gorgeous green plant color. Artificial plants could be a fine substitute if you’re not into the idea of having live plants, but just know they can’t replace the beauty and health benefits of live plants.

Paint Your Walls

Nothing is as easy and more transformational than painting literally any wall in your house. A fresh coat of paint or even a change of color instantly transforms the room. It doesn’t take very long, and you can do it yourself. All you need is a can or two of the paint of your choice, a rolling pin, a paint pan, and painters’ tape. Play some fun music, get the whole family involved, and watch your entire room become new again. An important note if you are going to paint high traffic areas that might have dirty walls: clean the walls with soap and water before you paint. You don’t want to paint over dirt as this may cause the paint to chip away later.


A light-colored rug, new throw pillows, that funky teal elephant you saw at Home Goods—all of these accessories are simple but will bring color and personality into your home. In your living room, consider replacing your current area rug with a color that coordinates with the rest of the room but still pops to the eye. Think about a black and white room with a pop of teal or yellow. In your kitchen, ditch all of the random little artifacts you’ve collected over the years and replace them with things that are in the same theme or color family. For example, you could include mason jars, tin cans, or metal baskets for a farmhouse theme. You can add one or two accessories or as many as you’d like to refresh your home.

Every house needs to be revitalized every few years, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, take weeks, or inconvenience your entire home. Consider the tips above to give your home the makeover it deserves no matter what time of year it is!

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About New York’s Law on Medical Marijuana

New York is a city that comprises of five boroughs located in the Northeastern United States. It is the most prominent and most influential American metropolis with diverse ethnicity. The city has an illustrious economy and healthcare sector, including legalized medical marijuana use.

New York laws allow patients diagnosed with certain conditions, such as cancer, HIV, and epilepsy, to use medical marijuana as a treatment alternative. Nevertheless, they need to have a New York medical marijuana card to obtain this medicinal plant legally. 

This article will delve and highlight seven little-known things about medical marijuana law in New York.

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