Dosha, a 10-month-old pit bull mix living with her master…

dosha-dog-croppedDosha, a 10-month-old pit bull mix living with her master in Clearlake, California, had a really bad day on April 15, 2003. That morning, she jumped a fence to escape her yard and was subsequently hit by a pickup truck. Dosha was glassy-eyed and limp when the police arrived. Thinking that the dog was fatally wounded, the cop shot Dosha in the head, just below her right eye, to put her out of her misery. Animal control arrived and put what they thought was a carcass in a plastic bag. They transported Dosha back to the dog pound and loaded her into a freezer. Two hours later, a worker opened the freezer to find Dosha sitting up, still in the bag.

The officer’s bullet had traveled along Dosha’s skull—barely missing her brain—and had lodged in the skin under her jaw. She also suffered from hypothermia but had no broken bones from the initial accident. The bullet fragments were removed, but she was left with some hearing loss in her right ear. For her triple death-defying feat, Guinness dubbed Dosha the luckiest dog in the world.


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