Famous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick…

Famous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick only wound up in jail originally because a “friend” was pissed that Mitnick beat him at a $150 bet. | After being bested, Mitnick’s then-friend was so angry about losing that he called the FBI and blew Mitnick in.

Mitnick’s autobiography goes into more detail, but the summary is this: a hacking friend and Mitnick had a series of $150 bets, all of which Mitnick ended up winning. Finally, his friend thought he’d had the ultimate bet: that Mitnick couldn’t bypass a numeric keypad to gain access to a certain room. The friend was absolutely certain it couldn’t be done.

Well, the friend left the password in plain sight on a piece of paper, so Mitnick waited for his friend to leave, “broke” into the room, and waited there to be found. The friend was so furious that he turned around, called the FBI, and told him about everything Mitnick had ever hacked.

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