One thought on “People of Sweden love Donald Duck so much…

  • October 20, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    First of all; To my knowledge (Being Swedish born, living in Sweden) .. I NEVER heard that “Kalle Anka partiet” (The Donald Duck party) was made illegal (nor voting for it).. To be honest I would find it strange if it was even possible to make such law. (and even if it would be legal to do this, How the hell could they even THINK they could enforce it, considering that it would be completely and utterly illegal for anyone to intentionally try to find out what anyone votes for)….

    Secondly… This isn’t so much about loving Donald Duck, as it was a sign of discontent with all available political parties (and some do it just because it “became a thing”)

    also, I’d say that 100-200 votes in a nation with close to ten million people in it can’t be considered to be even a minor nuisance..


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