‘The Beatles Never Existed’ is the craziest Beatles conspiracy theory…

‘The Beatles Never Existed’ is the craziest Beatles conspiracy theory of all time. It appears it is an ongoing project and the theory is premised entirely on the scrutiny of photographic “evidence.” This website attempts to prove that different people played the Beatles over the years. As an example, one participant in the forum explains why multiple Beatles would be used:

To maximize the prominent figure’s appeal to a world-wide audience. Different regions have different specific physical features that they prefer. Also, individuals have their own set of features that they favor.
In the possible case of a person being cloned, and the clones are only 95-99% similar, there will be varying features among that cast of multiples. Then the ‘handlers’ can send certain ones to certain areas where they will appeal to the general tastes there. They then can also rotate the differing Beatles in and out of the public spotlight so that each one will get enough exposure to appeal to each person’s individual preferences.