Data Domination

Among the freaks and fetishists out there, there are people, who love to be dominated. For such people, dominatrixes have been around for awhile. But, times changed and demands changed along with them. Today, there is such thing as, the techno dominatrix; a person, who dominates over remote access. Meet the techno dominatrix mistress Harley.

Mistress Harley works from home. Her day begins at whenever she wakes up. She reads the mail and makes sure, that her “slaves” transferred money. A few years ago, she was a regular dominatrix, who provided her service on skype. However, soon the customers began to ask her to dominate their computer remotely: to enter their computer, to install the parental control, keyloggers.
For mistress Harley, all these sounded boring, since she has a technical background and used to work in the gaming industry. But, she took it a little further: she made her servants install cameras in the house, keyloggers, read mail, copied financial documents, personal files, resumes. The more mistress Harley knew about the client, the more they were afraid of her. And they liked it so much, that hey were willing to pay constantly.

In July 1979, company officials at the Concrete Pipe…

In July 1979, company officials at the Concrete Pipe Corp. in Menasha, Wisconsin decided to elect Jesus Christ as the new chairman of their board. The decision was unanimous.

When asked what address they were going to supply to the state for the new chairman, the company president, Don Koepke, explained, “We’ll say, ‘wherever two or more are gathered in his name.'”

The company had been in existence for 45 years. Supposedly, it survived for about another eight years under Jesus’s leadership, closing in 1987.