Over the past 27 years, Mark McKinley, a retired…

Over the past 27 years, Mark McKinley, a retired professor of psychology in Amherst, Ohio, has amassed the world’s largest collection of talking clocks. Numbering over 1,000, his collection includes talking clocks from every era and corner of world. The clocks fill every corner of his house and chime continuously throughout the day.


Your $1 bill could be worth thousands. I …

dollar-billYour $1 bill could be worth thousands. If you’ve ever read the eight-digit serial number on a dollar bill, it was probably out of sheer boredom. But those digits are more than a number to a thriving online community, for whom they can take on a near-mystical significance. Right now, on their website, you can buy a $1 bill with the serial number 00000002 for a whopping $2,500 or consider a $5 bill with the number 33333333 for $13,000. Low serial numbers, from 00000001 to 00000100, are sought after, as well as palindromes (23599532), solids (with a digit that repeats eight times), seven-of-a-kinds (66666665), ladders (45678901) and important dates (12071941).