In 1957, in order to rehabilitate convicts…

1957sleep_croppedIn 1957, in order to rehabilitate convicts, the Woodlake road camp prison in California began an experiment. The project was called “Operation Sleep” and was based on sleep learning program. Inmates heard the soothing voice of a psychiatrist, while they were sleeping.

Listen, my inner self, remember and obey this creed of life: Live relaxed, completely and utterly relaxed… Love, rule my life. Love God, my family, and others… Have faith… work with others… Face life without fear, be calm, unafraid… Know myself and my faults… live without alcohol… Alcohol is a poison. I do not need alcohol. Abstain with ease. Alcohol is repulsive to me…
I am truly happy. I give my life to my family, to my friends, and to the world. I am filled with love and compassion for all, so help me God.

Unfortunately, there is little to no data on, whether the experiment reformed criminals. According to the superintendent of the prison, inmates were very cooperative, but they couldn’t know the outcome for sure; until after facing the temptations of freedom again.