My Girlfriend in Walk

For those who would like to hold someone’s hand as they walk around, but can’t find anyone human who will oblige, engineers at Gifu University in Japan have invented the “My Girlfriend in Walk”. It’s a robotic hand covered in soft, skin-like gel that will grip your hand. Plus, it emits the scent of a woman’s shampoo, and (through a smartphone app) can simulate the sounds of breathing and rustling clothes.

The inventors hope that it might help people who have been isolated due to the pandemic.

Shoichi Yokoi was a sergeant in the Japanese…

Shoichi Yokoi was a sergeant in the Japanese Army during WW2. He went into hiding after the Battle of Guam, living in the jungle with several others for 28 years, though he was alone for the remaining 8 years. He survived by hunting, primarily at night. He also used native plants to make clothes, bedding, and storage implements, which he carefully hid in his cave. After his capture he returned to Japan, married and became a popular TV personality. “It is with much embarrassment that I return,” he said upon his return to Japan. The remark quickly became a popular saying in Japan.

During WWII the American army…

During WWII the American army created Operation Fantasia in which foxes covered in glow in the dark paint would have been released in Japan as a form of psychological warfare. Americans didn’t really understand the Japanese culture and thought foxes would be enough to set them on edge based on what little they knew of Japan’s folk stories. The plan never reached Japan, but they did test it on some DC natives.