Microsoft Japan’s 4-Day Workweek Increases Productivity by 40%

As part of its “Work Life Choice Challenge,” Microsoft Japan implemented a 4-day workweek by shutting down offices every Friday. This trial resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in productivity, as measured by sales per employee, compared to the same period the previous year.

Furthermore, the shortened workweek resulted in a host of other benefits for employees, such as reduced electricity consumption and lower commuting costs, leading to a boost in morale and a reduction in work-related stress. This experiment has since inspired other companies to adopt similar policies, highlighting the potential benefits of work-life balance initiatives for both employees and employers alike.

Facebook paid only .3 percent tax on ove …

Facebook paid only .3 percent tax on over $1b foreign profit using a tactic called the “Double Irish.” A number of companies (including Apple, Google, and Microsoft) do this. Sometimes you see it referred to as the “Double Dutch Irish”. Here’s a good graphic that demonstrates how it works.