In 1838, a man stopped on the Boulevard…

This photo of a Paris street was taken by Louis Daguerre in 1838

In 1838, a man stopped on the Boulevard du Temple in Paris to get his boots cleaned. He and the cleaner stood still for at least seven minutes on the street, and accidentally became the first people in history to be photographed.

This detail from the photo’s lower left corner shows a man who appears to be getting his boots cleaned.

Man Quits Office Job to Photograph His New Life as a Shepherd in the Tuscan Hills


Amateur photographer Marco Sgarbi spent three years as a shepherd in the Tuscan Hills, after quitting his office job at an architecture firm. The village of Radicondoli has around 1,000 inhabitants, who continue the tradition of sheep farming. This is the place, where Sgarbi became a sheep farmer and documented his surroundings.

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