Shocking Surprise: Man ‘electrocuted’ while trying to steal Trump sign

In 2016, a very annoyed Donald Trump supporter used electricity to protect his campaign sign from thieves. The owner said his signs have been stolen and vandalized in the past, so he decided to booby trap his newest one. Surveillance video captured the hoodie-wearing neighbor trying to take the sign.

Back in the Reagan era (1987), Joel Slater became so angry…

JoelSlatercroppedBack in the Reagan era (1987), Joel Slater became so angry at U.S. policies, that he decided to renounce his American citizenship. But, he didn’t acquire citizenship of another country first, so he made himself stateless.

When he renounced his citizenship he was in Australia, and he wrongly assumed that he would be able to stay there. But, Australia promptly deported him to the U.S. Then, he managed to make it into Canada and Mexico without a passport, but eventually he was shipped back to the States. Also, he couldn’t legally work without a social security number. So he became homeless, surviving on “odd jobs and the generosity of strangers.”

Finally, in 1993, after much begging and pleading, he was able to regain his U.S. citizenship.