When Maxim Gorky arrived in the US in 1906…

When Maxim Gorky arrived in the US in 1906, he initially received a warm welcome. President Roosevelt, Mark Twain planned to meet him. But when it was reported that Gorky was accompanied not by his wife, but by his mistress, his hotel threw him out and he got cancelled. Gorky on a goodwill and fundraising mission for the Bolsheviks. But in 1906 this didn’t mean much to Americans.

It turned out the woman accompanying Gorky was not, in fact, Mrs. Gorky. She was Maria Andreyeva, a star of the Moscow Art Theatre. Sure, she was another ardent Bolshevik, but apparently that wasn’t the problem. She and Gorky weren’t legally married. That was the problem, considered by the media to be a moral blemish worse than anarchism. American morality, was made of different stuff.

The Facts Behind Russian Roulette

Russian roulette is a lethal game of chance, gambling where the risk isn’t about money, it’s a matter of life and death. 

This gruesome game isn’t played around a classic roulette wheel instead this game is played with a six-shot revolver loaded with a single bullet. Chancers spin the loaded cylinder put the weapon to their head and pull the trigger. Is there anything to be won or only a life to be lost?

The game of Russian roulette is now a well-known concept that frequently appears in movies, song lyrics, and books. However, most people aren’t aware of its chilling origin story and the urban legends that surround it. In this article, we are gonna break down the facts and give you the full story of Russian roulette.

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