Salvador Dali’s Rare Surrealist Cookbook


In 1973, German publisher Taschen released a cookbook of Salvador Dali «Les Diners de Gala». The book was written and illustrated by the painter himself. Bizarre illustrations were created exclusively for the book. Today, only about 400 copies of the original book are preserved in the world.

The book includes 136 recipes, sorted by 12 different chapters and one of them is devoted to aphrodisiacs. Among the dishes that are included in the publication of Dali, “Veal cutlet stuffed with snails”, “thousand-year eggs” and “Pies with frogs.”
As noted by «Les Diners de Gala» Dali decided to realize his childhood dream of becoming a chef. The title of the book he dedicated to his wife Gala. She has been referred as main muse and source of inspiration, by Dali.

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