Is Santa Claus a psychedelic mushroom?

One fantastic and wonderful origin theory of Santa Claus involves psychedelic mushrooms and shamanic rituals of the indigenous Sámi people who live in northern Finland. Paul Devereux wrote about this incredible hidden history in his fascinating 2008 book The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Psychedelia. Then, Brooklyn filmmaker Matthew Salton blew mainstream minds with this fantastic New York Times “Op-Doc” short video on the topic.

For more on psychedelic Santa, check out the following pieces by Greg Taylor at the Daily Grail:

“Santa is a Psychedelic Mushroom: Were Modern Christmas Traditions Influenced by Shamanic Folklore?”

Santa’s Long Trip

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On December 24, 1955 a newspaper ad told …

NORAD-Tracks-SantaOn December 24, 1955 a newspaper ad told kids they could call Santa & listed the number. The number was incorrect & went to the US Air Defense Command. The colonel on duty told his team to give all kids Santa’s “current location“. This tradition now handles calls from over 200 countries.