The elderly couple seen hugging…

The elderly couple seen hugging on the bed in Titanic (1997) while water floods their room were the owners of Macy’s department store, Rosalie Ida Straus and Isidor Straus. Ida refused a seat on a lifeboat, stating “Where you go, I go” which inspired Rose’s line in the film.

Isidor was offered a place on the lifeboat with Ida when an officer recognized him and saw that Ida refused to board without her husband. Isidor refused to be made an exception when there were other women and children on board.

Instead, Ida gave her seat on the lifeboat to her newly hired maid, Ellen Bird, along with her fur coat. Bird is the one who would tell the story to reporters after she was rescued by the Carpathia. Ellen Bird tracked down the Straus’ eldest daughter, Sara, and offered her the fur coat. Sara refused to accept it, saying it had been a gift from her mother.

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