The Procrastinators’ Club of America

The Procrastinators’ Club of America, based in Pennsylvania, publishes a newsletter called “Last Month’s Newsletter”.

“Procrastination is a great philosophy. What you worried about yesterday, by tomorrow . . . hah,” said the club’s President, shrugging his shoulders. “If you put off these momentous decisions, you find they weren’t so important.”

Club members attended the New York’s World Fair Nov. 18, 1966, nearly a year after the exhibition closed. They went to an Atlantic City track and cheered the horse that finished last, embracing the embarrassed and puzzled jockey.

They asked the National Organization for Women to change its name from “NOW” to “LATER” and recently sent a letter to President Gerald R. Ford at the White House, offering to join his Whip Inflation Now campaign. The letter came back from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue stamped: “No Longer at This Address.”

They have done many useful things and achieved a lot, but I’m too lazy to write about this. Maybe I will also join their club.

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