World War II Spitfires only had…

World War II Spitfires only had about 20 seconds of ‘gun time’ before running out of ammo, making most movie depictions wildly inaccurate.

Also one of the biggest issues any historian of WW2 aircombat notices in movies depicting it, is that anyone shoots anything down.

Top 5% of pilots shot down about 85% of all aircraft that were shot down. The VAST majority of combat missions, that even saw air to air combat, both sides returned to base, possibly with damaged aircraft, and aircraft that never fired a single round.

Of the 95,000 aircraft losses in WW2 for the US alone, we lost 2,800 pilots to air to air combat in the pacific for example.

Of those 2,800 pilots killed, 200 Japanese pilots account for 2,600 of them.
Japan had almost 17,000 pilots in total. The vast majority of them, never even shot at an enemy plane, let alone shot one down.

The US had over 100,000 pilots during the war. Less than 500 account for almost 90% of all enemy aircraft shot down in air combat.

In Germany it was even more wild, with like 100 pilots accounting for the bulk of all allied and soviet planes shot down. A couple of them boasting absolutely insane stats like 200+ enemy aircraft shot down.

The average fighter pilot, never even pulled the trigger.

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