Your $1 bill could be worth thousands. I …

dollar-billYour $1 bill could be worth thousands. If you’ve ever read the eight-digit serial number on a dollar bill, it was probably out of sheer boredom. But those digits are more than a number to a thriving online community, for whom they can take on a near-mystical significance. Right now, on their website, you can buy a $1 bill with the serial number 00000002 for a whopping $2,500 or consider a $5 bill with the number 33333333 for $13,000. Low serial numbers, from 00000001 to 00000100, are sought after, as well as palindromes (23599532), solids (with a digit that repeats eight times), seven-of-a-kinds (66666665), ladders (45678901) and important dates (12071941).

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  • November 7, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    I have some unusual serial number notes. How can I find a possible value to them? Example $5. 40011004.


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