North Korea is obsessed with…

North Korea is obsessed with Choco Pies from South Korea. There’s a black market for them, and factories once used them to pay worker bonuses. In 2010, The Chosun Ilbo reported that choco pies could fetch as much as US$9.50 on the North Korean black market. In 2014, S Korean activists sent 10K pies to NK with helium balloons. After an injured NK defector crossed the DMZ in 2017, he was given a lifetime supply.

The Most Unwanted Music

In 1997, three composers created “The Most Unwanted Song” based on an opinion poll of annoying musical elements. It includes bagpipes, a opera singer rapping about being a cowboy, children singing about Christmas shopping at Walmart, and much more. It is twenty two minutes long.

They also recorded “The Most Wanted Song”.

There is a German settlement in…

There is a German settlement in the jungles of Peru called Pozuzo that was established in 1859 by around 150 German/Austrian settlers. They were completely cut off from both their Homeland and the rest of Peru for 120 years. They were able to do this by being completely self sufficient. This is how Pozuzo looks like today.

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A poultry company in Australia…

A poultry company in Australia uses a live chicken to run its Twitter account. As Betty walks over the keyboard, the resulting literature is then published to the Twitter feed of @ChickenTreat and marked with the hashtag #ChickenTweet.