Thanksgiving Nuptials: NYC’s Chinese Immigrant Wedding Rush

In New York City, Thanksgiving holds the distinction of being the preferred wedding day for Chinese immigrants, given that it’s typically the one day when entire families aren’t working. Due to the high demand, restaurants must be reserved a year ahead, and it’s not uncommon for a single venue to accommodate up to 10 wedding receptions in a day.

New York’s Quirky Moving Day Tradition

For more than a hundred years, spanning from colonial times to shortly after World War II, New York City witnessed a peculiar annual event called “Moving Day.” Every May 1st, the city’s streets transformed into a chaotic scene as a result of an oddity in New York law. With almost all rental agreements ending at 9:00 AM on that day, tenants and their belongings poured into the streets, searching for new places to live. Navigating the bustling crowds of people, carts, and livestock became an unforgettable challenge for New Yorkers during this remarkable tradition.

LaGuardia’s Bold Airport Protest

During the 1930s, New York City’s sole commercial airport was located in New Jersey. In a bold act of protest, NYC Mayor LaGuardia refused to disembark in New Jersey when his ticket read “New York City,” compelling the pilot to fly him to NYC instead. This event highlighted the pressing need for a proper airport in the city, and eventually led to the construction of LaGuardia Airport, which opened in 1939 and now serves as a vital transportation hub for millions of passengers each year