Chicago Onion Monopoly: The 1955 Market Manipulation and Subsequent Legislation

The Onion Futures Act is a piece of legislation in the United States that prohibits the trading of onion futures contracts. In 1955, a pair of traders acquired a substantial amount of onions and futures contracts, ultimately gaining control over 98% of the onions in Chicago. To compel growers to buy their inventory, these traders threatened to inundate the market with onions.

New York’s Quirky Moving Day Tradition

For more than a hundred years, spanning from colonial times to shortly after World War II, New York City witnessed a peculiar annual event called “Moving Day.” Every May 1st, the city’s streets transformed into a chaotic scene as a result of an oddity in New York law. With almost all rental agreements ending at 9:00 AM on that day, tenants and their belongings poured into the streets, searching for new places to live. Navigating the bustling crowds of people, carts, and livestock became an unforgettable challenge for New Yorkers during this remarkable tradition.

Ancient Greek Midwifery: Exclusively Women’s Domain

In ancient Greece, men were legally prohibited from becoming midwives, as the law mandated that only those who had experienced childbirth themselves could qualify for the profession. This requirement was based on the belief that firsthand knowledge of the birthing process was essential for providing the best care to expectant mothers. Additionally, women in ancient Greece often felt more comfortable receiving care from other women during childbirth due to cultural norms and the intimate nature of the process.