7 year old Stella Berndtsson…

7 year old Stella Berndtsson drowned in icy water Dec 23 2010. Her body was found after 3½ hours by a rescue helicopter and was taken to hospital. Her body temperature was 13°C/55.4°F. Despite this the doctors succeeded in saving Stella by warming her slowly. Stella made a remarkable recovery.
Stella still lives with her parents and her younger brother on a small island called Lyr ( Pop. 150) on the west coast of Sweden. She don´t remember anything about her accident and has only got minor issues after her accident. Her short term memory is a bit flawed. She has to take medication for epilepsy. And her legs are a bit weak , but she can ride her horse without any problems.
When she woke up for the first time on Jan 6, she was asked by the nurse if she wanted an popsicle and there was two flavours, cola and strawberry. Stella answered with her first words that she wanted strawberries. Now the family celebrates strawberry day every year Jan 6 by eating strawberry ice-cream.

Two German soldiers were trapped in an underground food…

Two German soldiers were trapped in an underground food and supply warehouse for 6 years after retreating troops dynamited the entrance. Polish workers removing rubble discovered them in 1951.

“The soldier and one other survivor of the entombment stumbled bearded, blinded and blubbering from the bunker about a month ago when Polish workers cleared wreckage from the entrance to the depot at Babie Doly, near Gydnia. The second survivor dropped dead of shock on emerging into the daylight. The other said two of his companions committed suicide a few months after they were entombed by German troops who did not know the soldiers were in the depot. The trapped men were believed to have been looting. Two others of the trapped soldiers died of unknown causes, the survivor said. Air entered the tomb through an air vent undamaged by the explosion. Water trickled through cracks and the men had plenty of food. But they lived in darkness after their supply of candles was exhausted two years ago. The trapped men had no tools with which to dig their way out of the concrete bunker, the survivor said. He said they washed in Rhine wine and encased their dead in huge flour sacks. The bodies were almost perfectly mummified.”