10 Facts About Harrison Ford: From Star Wars to Real-Life Heroics

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, George Lucasat the Mark Hamill Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood, CA 03-08-18
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Harrison Ford, a name synonymous with some of cinema’s most iconic roles, has lived a life as fascinating off-screen as it has been on-screen. From his humble beginnings to becoming a household name through the “Star Wars” saga, Ford’s journey through Hollywood is as diverse as it is dramatic. His experiences range from carpentry to piloting rescue missions, underscoring a life filled with unexpected twists and turns. Here are ten intriguing facts about Harrison Ford that highlight the breadth and depth of his remarkable career and personal life.

1. A Star’s Earnings: Harrison Ford’s compensation for his role in “Star Wars: A New Hope” was a modest $10,000, which skyrocketed to $20 million by “The Force Awakens.” His rise to fame was so rapid that during a visit to a record store shortly after the film’s release, excited fans ended up ripping half his shirt off.

2. An Unexpected Piercing: Ford decided to get his ear pierced at Claire’s Accessories, a popular store among preteens. The experience was memorable enough for him to leave a note for the employee who pierced him, jokingly writing, “You made a hole in me. Harrison Ford.”

3. Before the Fame: Before his acting career took off, Ford worked as a roadie for The Doors. The job was so intense that he humorously claimed he was “one step away from joining a Jesuit monastery” afterwards.

4. A Carpenter’s Path to Stardom: Ford’s first significant Hollywood opportunity came indirectly through his carpentry work, when he was installing cabinets in George Lucas’ house.

5. Behind the Interviews: Contrary to his sometimes gruff public persona, Harrison Ford struggles with anxiety and a fear of public speaking, which explains his demeanor in interviews.

6. Rescue Pilot: In 2001, Ford heroically rescued a 13-year-old Boy Scout who had been missing for over 18 hours near Yellowstone Park. The boy, Cody Clawson, managed to signal Ford’s plane using his belt buckle.

7. Helicopter Heroics: Ford has frequently volunteered for emergency helicopter missions, once saving a hiker in Jackson, Wyoming, who was suffering from dehydration.

8. A Cinematic Freeze: The iconic scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” where Han Solo is frozen in carbonite was devised because George Lucas was uncertain if Ford would return for subsequent films.

9. Double Stars: There are two stars named Harrison Ford on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; one belongs to the beloved actor of “Star Wars” fame, and the other commemorated a silent film star from the 1920s, with no relation between the two.

10. A Galactic Affair: During the filming of the “Star Wars” films, Ford, who was then married, had an affair with his co-star Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia.

Each of these facts not only sheds light on Harrison Ford’s professional achievements but also on his personal adventures and challenges, illustrating a life as captivating as the characters he portrays on screen.

The Eccentric World of Marlon Brando: 8 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew

Waxwork of Marlon Brando as Godfather Don Vito Corleone,Marlon Brando waxwork figure - Madame Tussauds Hollywood.
Waxwork of Marlon Brando as Godfather Don Vito Corleone,Marlon Brando waxwork figure – Madame Tussauds Hollywood.
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Marlon Brando, often hailed as one of the most remarkable actors of his time, was an enigma both on and off the screen. His extraordinary talent was matched by an equally fascinating life brimming with peculiar anecdotes and unexpected encounters. Dive into eight of the most unusual facts about this legendary icon.

1. Dogged Compliments: In a candid interview moment, when reminded that many regarded him as the greatest actor of all time, Brando cheekily gestured towards his dog, Tim, claiming him to be the true thespian. According to Brando, Tim was the “greatest actor ever”, mainly because he feigned affection every time he was hungry.

2. Unconventional Beliefs: Brando’s faith in his meditation practices was so steadfast that he once attempted to undergo a circumcision without anesthesia, convinced his pain tolerance was unparalleled. However, he was less than thrilled when regulations mandated anesthesia.

3. Open Secrets: Unfazed by societal expectations, Brando openly discussed his diverse sexual experiences. He once light-heartedly remarked that if someone believed he and Jack Nicholson were lovers, they should continue thinking so, as he found the rumor amusing.

4. AOL Chatroom Rebel: In the era of early internet chatrooms, Brando was known to engage in fiery political debates on AOL. He had a habit of signing off these chats with a rather direct “F**k Off”, which led to multiple suspensions of his account.

5. High School Shenanigans: Brando’s penchant for the dramatic wasn’t limited to the big screen. He was kicked out of high school for pulling a theatrical stunt – driving a motorcycle through the school corridors.

6. Face-Off with the Paparazzi: Not one to be trifled with, Brando once responded to a paparazzi’s intrusion by delivering a punch that broke the man’s jaw and dislodged five of his teeth. Yet, in a testament to Brando’s larger-than-life aura, the same photographer later attempted to snap Brando again, albeit while donning a football helmet for safety.

7. Secretive Snacking: To keep his nocturnal indulgences a secret from his wife, Brando would often hire a studio kid to discreetly toss a bag of burgers over his fence, ensuring his dietary cheats remained undiscovered.

8. Signature Worth More than Gold: Such was the allure of Brando’s autograph that many personal checks penned by him remained uncashed. Many believed that possessing a piece with Brando’s signature was far more valuable than the monetary amount written on the check itself.

Jim Carrey: Beyond the Laughter – 7 Fascinating Insights

Jim Carrey attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Fun with Dick and Jane held at The Mann Village Theatres in Westwood, California, United States on December 14, 2005.
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Jim Carrey, with his elastic face and animated humor, has made us laugh, think, and sometimes tear up, for decades. From slapstick comedies to deeply introspective roles, he’s been a transformative figure in Hollywood. Dive in to discover some lesser-known facts about this comedic genius:

1. Positivity on Screen: Jim Carrey is no longer seen in dramas. His belief system emphasizes projecting positivity, leading him to choose roles that resonate with this philosophy.

2. Triple Threat: 1994 was a groundbreaking year for Carrey. He became the first actor with three consecutive films – ‘The Mask’, ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’, and ‘Dumb and Dumber’ – shooting straight to number one. Despite this monumental success, he amusingly earned a nomination for Worst New Star at the 1995 Golden Raspberry Awards for these very roles.

3. Pay Disparity: For ‘Dumb and Dumber’, Carrey pocketed a cool $7 million. In stark contrast, his co-star, Jeff Daniels, earned just $50,000.

4. From Rags to Riches: At 15, Carrey’s family faced extreme financial hardship, forcing them to live out of a van. To help support his family, he dropped out of school to work as a janitor.

5. The Carrey-Shakur Connection: At the height of his fame in 1995, Carrey forged an unlikely bond with another icon, Tupac Shakur. Knowing that he was Tupac’s favorite actor, Carrey sent him humorous letters during Tupac’s prison time to provide some solace. The content of these letters remains private, keeping fans curious about their unique relationship.

6. Becoming The Grinch: The transformation into ‘The Grinch’ was far from easy. It took a staggering nine hours for makeup application. So intense was the process that Carrey had to consult an expert who trained CIA operatives to endure torture, to help him cope.

7. Manifesting Success: In a blend of ambition and self-belief, Carrey, while still a struggling actor, penned himself a $10 million check for ‘acting services rendered’. He dated it for Thanksgiving 1995. By 1994, reality caught up with his vision, as he raked in millions from hits like ‘Ace Ventura’ and ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

Jim Carrey’s journey, filled with its ups, downs, and idiosyncrasies, is a testament to his immense talent and indomitable spirit.

‘The Office’ Chronicles: Unveiling 10 Amazing Facts

In 2005, an ambitious group of American creatives undertook the challenging task of remolding Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s esteemed British sitcom, ‘The Office’, for viewers in the United States. They not only met the lofty anticipations but also managed to birth a remarkable comedy that first aired on March 24, 2005, spanned nine captivating seasons, and continues to be a favorite among binge-watchers today. Let’s delve into the hidden realms of this iconic workplace comedy with ten fascinating facts you likely didn’t know.

Steve Carell
Steve Carell
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1. Despite modest viewership during its initial season, ‘The Office’, produced by NBC, received an unexpected lifeline for a second run. This vote of confidence was due to Steve Carell‘s anticipated film success in ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’, which network executives believed would spike the show’s ratings – a bet that paid off handsomely.

Sporanos Office

2. Here’s an astonishing tidbit: HBO doled out $3 million to James Gandolfini, ‘The Sopranos‘ star, to decline a proposed role in ‘The Office’. The character he was offered? None other than Michael Scott’s replacement.

"Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, I do not do that thing." - Dwight K. Schrute, Business School
“Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, “Would an idiot do that?” And if they would, I do not do that thing.” – Dwight K. Schrute, Business School

3. Dwight Schrute, a character brought to life by Rainn Wilson, didn’t just spout words in Dothraki, a fictional language from ‘Game of Thrones’; he improved it. Through a correct usage of its grammar and introducing new expressions, the writers added a fresh twist. David J. Peterson, who created Dothraki, endorsed the additions, dubbing it the ‘Schrutean compound’.

David Wallace
David Wallace

4. Andy Buckley, the actor who essayed the role of David Wallace, was actually a financial analyst in his off-screen life. His real-life familiarity with corporate finance landed him the part, and he even continued his day job while shooting for ‘The Office’. For Buckley, participating in the series was a leisure activity – akin to a golfer’s passion for the sport.

5. During his audition for ‘The Office’, John Krasinski shared his fears with a bystander, unaware it was Greg Daniels, the show’s executive producer. Krasinski expressed his apprehension about the American version living up to the original British show’s standard, making for an awkward first impression.

6. Dwight Schrute’s portrayal by Rainn Wilson was not the actor’s first choice; he initially auditioned for Michael’s part. Although he didn’t bag the lead role, Wilson was handed the character of Dwight, jokingly referred to as the ‘Assistant to the Regional Manager’ right from the start.

7. The character of Oscar, as played by Oscar Nunez, was not intended to be homosexual at the outset. The character’s evolution was inspired by a seemingly innocuous wardrobe choice – a pink shirt worn by Oscar in an early episode.

8. In 2020, ‘The Office’ made quite a splash on television screens, with American audiences dedicating over 57 billion minutes to the sitcom.

9. Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, located at the fictitious 1725 Slough Avenue, is an homage to the original British series, which was set in Slough, England. The street, in reality, doesn’t exist in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Scranton Welcome Sign, used in the The Office.
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10. The show’s realism was bolstered by incorporating actual businesses and locations from Scranton. Alfredo’s Pizza Café, a fan favorite over its namesake rival Pizza By Alfredo, is a bona fide local establishment. Kevin’s preferred seafood joint, Cooper’s, and the frequented watering hole, Poor Richard’s Pub, also exist in real life. Additionally, fans can visit the Steamtown Mall and see the iconic “Welcome to Scranton” sign featured in the opening credits of the series.

10 Fascinating Tidbits About Keanu Reeves

The enigmatic and profoundly talented actor Keanu Reeves is a man of countless fascinating narratives. Let’s dive deeper into ten interesting facets of his captivating life story.

Canadian actor and director Keanu Reeves speaks during a press conference for his new movie, Man of Taichi, in Wuhan city, central Chinas Hubei province, 28 June 2013.
Canadian actor and director Keanu Reeves speaks during a press conference for his new movie, Man of Taichi, in Wuhan city, central Chinas Hubei province, 28 June 2013.
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1. Despite his reputation for delivering unforgettable performances, Keanu Reeves has not yet been recognized with a nomination or award from the Oscar, Golden Globe, or Emmy award platforms.

2. The iconic character Neo in the blockbuster movie ‘The Matrix’ was eventually portrayed by Reeves after several famous personalities, including the likes of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, declined the role.

3. The incredible potency and efficiency displayed by Reeves in his movies inspired scientists to christen a new lipopeptide with potent microbe-fighting properties as ‘keanumycins‘.

4. Life has dealt Reeves a series of difficult blows, including the loss of his girlfriend and daughter in quick succession and supporting his sister through her leukemia battle. Yet, his spirit remains unbroken, and he continues to contribute significantly to cancer-related causes, even establishing his own charitable organization.

5. Reeves is not averse to cutting his salary to enable the production to cast other significant actors. He demonstrated this during ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ to make Al Pacino’s participation possible and again in ‘The Replacements’ to collaborate with Gene Hackman.

6. The critically-panned movie ‘The Watcher’ featured Reeves due to an unusual circumstance where a friend forged his signature on the contract.

7. Reeves faced an eccentric lawsuit from a woman who claimed he used hypnosis to impregnate her while posing as her ex-husband. However, the case was dismissed when a DNA test confirmed he was not the father.

8. In his pursuit of realism in action sequences, Reeves is known to train intensely. For ‘The Matrix’, he trained in karate for four months. For ‘Matrix Reloaded’, he mastered more than 200 martial arts maneuvers, and for ‘John Wick’, he learned Judo and Jujitsu.

9. The illustrious rockstar Alice Cooper used to babysit Keanu Reeves.

10. Reeves has experienced multiple home invasions by stalkers. On one occasion, he found an intruder in his library, calmly engaging with her until the police arrived for a mental health assessment.

Unraveling the Intricacies of Robert De Niro: Five Fascinating Facts

Renowned for his acting prowess, Robert De Niro has crafted a Hollywood legacy as compelling as the roles he’s breathed life into.

Robert De Niro attends the 'Hands Of Stone' Photocall at the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival
Robert De Niro attends the ‘Hands Of Stone’ Photocall at the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival
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Let’s delve into five captivating facets of De Niro’s personal journey and illustrious career that might surprise you.

1. Holding Records and Navigating Controversies: De Niro shares an impressive record with fellow thespian Harrison Ford – both have starred in eight films that grace IMDb’s top 250 list, a testament to their cinematic impact.

De Niro’s pursuit of his Italian roots and citizenship, however, wasn’t without friction.

He faced objections from the Sons of Italy, an Italian American association, which claimed that De Niro’s frequent depiction of Italian criminals in his movies had negatively skewed perceptions of their community.

2. Master of Method Acting: De Niro‘s commitment to his roles is remarkable. He gained 60 lbs for ‘Raging Bull,’ lived in Sicily, Italy, for ‘The Godfather Part II,’ ground his teeth for ‘Cape Fear,’ drove a cab for ‘Taxi Driver,’ and learned to play the saxophone for ‘New York, New York.’ During ‘Goodfellas,’ De Niro meticulously learned about the real Jimmy Burke, even adopting his unique ketchup pouring technique for the film. For ‘The Untouchables,’ he sought out and used the services of Al Capone’s actual tailor.

3. Upbringing: De Niro was brought up in New York, within a culturally diverse family. His father was an openly gay Catholic, and his mother was an atheist. This unusual blend shaped the Irish American actor’s upbringing, contributing to his complex character.

4. A Quest for Authenticity: De Niro’s relentless pursuit of authenticity extended to the disturbing Russian roulette scene in ‘The Deer Hunter.’ He insisted on having a live cartridge in the revolver for this scene. Co-actor John Cazale, affected by the intensity of the scene, compulsively checked the gun before every take to ensure the live round wasn’t next in the chamber.

5. Spontaneous Creativity: In the world of film, few lines are as iconic as “You Talkin’ To Me?” from Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver.’ Interestingly, this line wasn’t scripted but an off-the-cuff addition by De Niro himself. The entire monologue was a product of De Niro’s spontaneous artistry, inspired in part by a Bruce Springsteen performance he’d seen in Greenwich Village shortly before the shoot.

Behind the Bada Bing: 9 Fascinating Facts About ‘The Sopranos’

“The Sopranos” remains one of the most influential and gripping TV dramas ever created. The intricate tales of Tony Soprano and his crime syndicate offered a thrilling glimpse into the organized crime world of New Jersey. This article unveils nine fascinating facts about the acclaimed series.

Photo by Flickr

1. The Permit Scandal

During its production, “The Sopranos” faced opposition from a New Jersey county commissioner who denied them a permit to film in a state park, criticizing the show as a “disgrace to Italians”. Ironically, this commissioner was later dismissed due to corruption charges.

2. Furio’s Artful Eye

Actor Federico Castelluccio, who portrayed Furio, wasn’t just an accomplished actor but also an art connoisseur. Castelluccio spotted a misidentified Renaissance painting and purchased it for $140,000. He later discovered its true worth, which was possibly $10 million more than what he paid.

3. Gandolfini’s Method Acting

To evoke the desired levels of anger in his character, James Gandolfini would place a stone in his shoe during filming. To add to the discomfort, he’d sometimes hit his head against a wall or deprive himself of sleep to capture Tony Soprano’s often irritable demeanor authentically.

4. A Legal Confrontation

The Illinois-based “American Italian Defense Association” filed a lawsuit against the show’s producers in 2001, alleging that the show violated the state’s Constitution’s protection of individual dignity.

5. Strikingly Authentic Portrayal

The show was lauded for its uncanny authenticity. FBI wiretaps revealed that real mobsters would discuss the series, amazed by its accurate representation of their world. They were convinced there was an insider on the show.

6. Inspired by a Real-life Mob Boss

The character Tony Soprano wasn’t entirely a work of fiction. He was loosely based on Vincent Palermo, a real-life organized crime boss who later turned into a government witness.

7. Title Misconceptions

HBO initially feared that audiences might mistake “The Sopranos” for a show about opera. They proposed changing the title to “Made in New Jersey” before settling for a smoking gun in the title logo to convey the true nature of the series.

8. Real-Life Locations

Tony Soprano’s house is a real property in North Caldwell, New Jersey. Interestingly, one of the nearby homes was the site of a murder committed by the Unabomber in 1994. Many of the show’s locations, including the pizza place in the intro and the Bada Bing club, are genuine New Jersey locations.

9. James Gandolfini: A Jersey Boy

James Gandolfini, the actor who brilliantly embodied Tony Soprano, was a New Jersey native who tragically died in Italy. Furthermore, Steve Perry of Journey allowed his song “Don’t Stop Believin'” to be used in the final scene of the show, but only after being assured that it wouldn’t be associated with Tony Soprano’s death.

11 Intriguing Revelations about the Life and Legacy of Ronald Reagan

A celebrated actor turned influential statesman, Ronald Reagan’s life and presidency were filled with fascinating twists and heartfelt moments. The 40th President of the United States, Reagan’s legacy reverberates far beyond politics, revealing intriguing anecdotes and hidden layers of his persona that continue to surprise and inspire.

Ronald Reagan
Photo by tcm.com

1. Known for his compassionate heart, Ronald Reagan was not just an iconic statesman, but also a generous soul. He would often write personal checks, sometimes to the tune of $4,000 or $5,000, to individuals burdened with financial hardship. Beyond his personal giving, Reagan also utilized military resources for humanitarian causes, calling upon the Air Force to aid in transporting children in urgent medical situations.

2. While revered as a Republican icon, Reagan was not always a member of the party. Interestingly, he was a Democrat up until 1962, when he was 52. In the 1984 presidential election, Reagan broke records by winning 49 states and securing a whopping 525 electoral votes, a feat unrivaled in history.

3. In 1981, when an assassination attempt landed Reagan in the hospital, his humor never wavered. After being shot by John Hinckley Jr., he joked to the attending medical team, “Please tell me you’re all Republicans.” A liberal democrat surgeon replied in the spirit of the moment, “We’re all Republicans today.”

4. Reagan’s leadership skills were evident long before he entered politics. From 1947 to 1959, he led the Screen Actors Guild, a major American labor union. During this period, Reagan also served as an FBI informer, reporting any suspected subversive activities among his Hollywood peers.

5. Like many, Reagan had his vices and his unique ways of overcoming them. To quit smoking, he took to eating Jelly Belly candies, a habit he continued during his presidency. This affection led to over 300,000 jelly beans being shipped to the White House each month.

6. Even as the President, Reagan enjoyed a good joke. When he first saw the film ‘Back to the Future,’ he was so amused by a joke about himself being president that he had the theater projectionist replay the scene for him.

7. Jerry Parr, the secret service agent credited with saving Reagan’s life during the assassination attempt, had been inspired to join the service by watching “Code of the Secret Service”. Who was the star of that film? None other than Ronald Reagan himself.

8. A coincidental twist of names occurred during Reagan’s tenure when Donald Regan, distinct from the President only by a vowel, served as the US Treasury Secretary.

9. Reagan was known for his humorous outlook, often making light of serious situations. During a soundcheck for his weekly radio address, he jokingly announced, “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

10. Another curious detail about Ronald Reagan’s presidency was his reliance on astrological guidance for making significant governmental decisions. An astrologist from California was privy to confidential information, and her interpretations were taken into consideration in Reagan’s decision-making process. There’s some debate over the extent of her influence: Reagan claimed her role was limited to advising on scheduling, while a former staffer alleged that “almost every major move and decision … was cleared in advance” by the astrologist. The idea that astrological guidance could play a role in governmental affairs remains an intriguing and somewhat controversial aspect of Reagan’s presidency.

11. In his twilight years, as Alzheimer’s disease began to take its toll, Reagan displayed a heartbreaking innocence. He would clean his pool for hours, oblivious to his Secret Service agents’ repeated replenishment of leaves in the water. One poignant moment came when Nancy, his wife, found him gazing at a model of the White House. He confessed to her, “I don’t know what this is but it used to be part of my life, right?” A touching reminder of a life lived in service, remembered and forgotten.

Unveiling the Unconventional: 6 Fascinating Tidbits about Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an embodiment of the American Dream and an emblem of versatility, is more than just a superstar. As intriguing as his multifaceted life is, here are six captivating facts about the Austrian Oak that go beyond the silver screen.

1. From AWOL to America: In 1965, young Arnold daringly defied the mandatory year of military service in Austria to pursue his passion for bodybuilding. This bold decision landed him in military prison for a week, but it also paved his path to success. He won the bodybuilding contest he had deserted the army to participate in, which propelled him towards larger contests and ultimately a one-way ticket to America. Displaying a hint of nostalgia, Schwarzenegger even purchased the tank he had driven during his military service.

2. Self-Made Millionaire before Stardom: Schwarzenegger’s entrepreneurial spirit shone early on. Upon his arrival in America, he founded a bricklaying business. His acumen did not stop there; he invested wisely in real estate and a mail-order bodybuilding equipment company. By the age of 22, before he had even made his first movie, Schwarzenegger had become a self-made millionaire.

3. A Difficult Childhood: Arnold’s childhood was marred by the harsh realities of his father’s Nazi affiliations during World War II. A misunderstanding about his passion for bodybuilding led his parents to mistakenly believe he was gay, which resulted in mistreatment at home. Schwarzenegger chose to prioritize his career over personal relationships, a choice starkly highlighted when he skipped his father’s funeral due to a bodybuilding competition scheduled two months later.

4. A Real-Life Terminator Moment: On an amusing afternoon during the filming of The Terminator, Arnold stepped into a downtown L.A. restaurant for lunch, still wearing his gory Terminator makeup. Oblivious to his transformation, he requested a table in character. The unsuspecting host and restaurant patrons were sent into a frenzy at the sight of the terrifying figure from an as-yet-unknown movie.

5. The Voice That Wasn’t Enough: Despite his recognizable voice, Schwarzenegger was denied the opportunity to voice his character in the German dub of “The Terminator”. The producers felt his Austrian accent lacked the toughness befitting the Terminator, leading to an odd fact: Schwarzenegger has never dubbed his own voice in any of his movies.

6. Catchphrase King: Schwarzenegger’s iconic lineI’ll be back” from the Terminator series isn’t restricted to the dystopian franchise. This catchphrase has made its way into 11 other movies, including Commando, The Running Man, and Total Recall, establishing Arnold’s knack for leaving a memorable impression on his audience.

Behind the Scenes of ‘The Shining’: 5 Intriguing Film Facts

Delve into the mysterious world of ‘The Shining,’ one of the most iconic horror films of all time, with these five fascinating behind-the-scenes facts.

1. The iconic “Here’s Johnny” line from The Shining actually originated from The Johnny Carson Show. When Jack Nicholson spontaneously delivered the line during filming, director Stanley Kubrick almost chose another take, as he didn’t catch the reference since he had been residing in England.

2. During the filming of the well-known scene in ‘The Shining’, the production team initially used a fake door for Jack Nicholson to break through. However, they were forced to switch to a real door because Jack, who had previous experience as a Fire Marshall, broke through the fake one too effortlessly.

3. In the making of ‘The Shining’, director Stanley Kubrick deliberately distanced himself from Shelley Duvall and frequently engaged in arguments with her. Duvall had to endure 127 takes of the intense and draining baseball bat scene. As a result of the immense stress she experienced during filming, she even showed Kubrick clumps of her hair that had fallen out.

Overlook hotel

4. While Stephen King was inspired to create “The Shining” in a Colorado hotel that was slated for demolition, and the 1980 Kubrick adaptation took place in the same state, the movie’s exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel were actually captured at the historic Timberline Lodge in Oregon, situated near Mt. Hood. The lodge management asked Stanley Kubrick to avoid using room #217 from the book in the film, fearing it might discourage potential guests from staying there. As a result, Kubrick opted to use a made-up room number, #237, in the movie.

5. Danny Lloyd, the young actor who portrayed Danny in ‘The Shining,’ was carefully shielded by director Stanley Kubrick throughout the filming process. As a result, he remained unaware that he was part of a horror film until several years later. Since then, Danny has left acting behind and pursued a career as a science teacher.

Bonus fact: Stanley Kubrick received a nomination for “Worst Director” for ‘The Shining’ at the inaugural Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as the Razzies. The “honor” ultimately went to the director of ‘Xanadu.’ On two occasions, the Golden Raspberry Awards have made retractions. Bruce Willis’s Raspberry nomination was withdrawn upon discovering he was battling aphasia, while Shelley Duvall’s nomination was retracted in light of Kubrick’s mistreatment of her during the filming of ‘The Shining.’