Of all the humans tested so far…

Of all the humans tested so far, everyone has contained the same DNA from 1 of at least 2 ancestors. Mitochondrial DNA being traced back matrilineally to a specific “mT-Eve,” and a Y-chromosome being traced back patrilineally to a specific “Y-chromosomal Adam.” We are not descended from a singular couple, but rather we are all seemingly descended from singular ancestors that may have lived hundreds of thousands of years apart.


This illusion tricks your brain into time travel

Science Alert claims this illusions mimics time travel in the brain:

In the Illusory Rabbit, the middle flash never happens, but most people still think they saw three flashes to match three beeps.

In the Invisible Rabbit, it’s the middle beep that is missed – and the brain usually thinks there was no middle flash either.

The fact that the middle beep or flash IS getting manipulated shows postdiction at work – it’s actually the last flash and beep that causes the illusion to happen. They make our brain alter what it perceived in the past.