Time seems to speed up as we get older

Time seems to speed up as we get older because each year we live is a smaller percentage of the total amount of time we’ve been alive. It’s called proportional theory.

There’s a suggestion that our perception of time may be in proportion to the length of our lifespan. Known as the “proportional theory”, this idea posits that as we age, our sense of “present” time begins to feel relatively short in comparison to our entire lifespan.


Julie Baker, owner of Pampered Poultry…

Julie Baker, owner of Pampered Poultry, is cashing in on the recent fad for keeping chickens as pets. She’s selling 500 to 1000 “chicken diapers” every month, for $18 a piece.

In wealthy cities like San Francisco, chickens have even become an unlikely status symbol, with poultry owners going to unimaginable lengths to care for their pets. As The Washington Post reported in March, certain chicken owners have hired “chicken whisperers” to consult on their pets’ comfort (to the tune of $225 per hour).

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