Henry Ford and his Model T

It is a historical fact that Henry Ford, the renowned industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company, resisted making significant improvements to the Model T for a long time. However, it’s important to note that this decision was not entirely without reason.

At the time, the Model T was a runaway success, and Ford had achieved incredible economies of scale by streamlining the production process. Making significant changes to the design would have required a massive overhaul of the entire manufacturing process, which Ford deemed too costly and time-consuming.

However, it’s also true that Ford was known for his strong personality and at times, extreme behavior. There are several accounts of him destroying prototypes that didn’t meet his expectations.

Despite his reluctance to change the Model T, Ford’s legacy as an innovator and inventor cannot be denied. He revolutionized the manufacturing industry with his assembly line techniques, and his introduction of the $5 workday helped to transform the American middle class.

Norway and electric vehicles

Norway has the highest per capita number of electric vehicles in the world. In fact, electric and hybrid vehicles make up over 50% of all new car sales in Norway. This is due in part to the country’s generous incentives for electric vehicle owners, including exemptions from certain taxes and fees, as well as access to bus lanes and free public parking.

Norway has a high number of charging stations per capita, with over 7,000 stations and more than 23,000 charging points in the country. This extensive charging infrastructure, along with various incentives for EV ownership, has contributed to the high adoption rate of EVs in Norway.

Electric vehicles are so popular in Norway that they have helped to significantly reduce the country’s carbon emissions from the transportation sector.