How to raise a genius

In order to raise a genius, the first thing a parent must do is to not send a child to a public school; according to Harold G. McCurdy, a professor at the University of North Carolina.

Based on his study of the childhoods of 29 geniuses, conducted back in 1960, he determined that “three striking factors seemed to be typical of the childhood pattern of genius”:

one, close association with an interested adult; two, relative isolation from other children; and three, a great development of imagination and fantasy.

“Public school education,” he declared, “works against these three things.”

Apparently McCurdy’s study has been embraced by some proponents of home schooling.

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller (PHD, 1965): The First PHD In Computer Science in the US

In 1965, sister Mary Kenneth Keller was the first woman to get a Ph.D in computer science. She believed that the use of computers have boundless capacity for the sharing of information.

Sister Mary worked on developing the BASIC programming language. BASIC is a way of translating the zeroes and ones of computer code into something more intuitive and straightforward. It is a general-purpose, high level programming language which helped broaden computer programming into non maths and science fields, subsequently giving many people their first experience with programming.

In 2008 a school Camden, NJ forced…

In 2008 a school Camden, NJ forced students to eat their lunch off the floor for 2 weeks after a child accidentally spilled water while refilling a water cooler. 7 students won a $500,000 legal settlement. The vice principal has since transferred. The children’s teacher was fired after encouraging them to tell their parents about the punishment. The teacher won a $75,000 settlement earlier.