A family-run restaurant in Bangkok…

A family-run restaurant in Bangkok has had a the same giant pot of soup simmering for 45 years. When it runs low, they top it off. It’s a beef noodle soup called neua tuna. It simmers in a giant pot. Fresh meat like raw sliced beef, tripe and other organs is added daily. But any broth leftover is preserved at the end of each day and used in the next day’s soup. It’s an ancient cooking method that gives the soup a unique flavor and aroma.

Sneaker brand Koio has partnered….

Sneaker brand Koio has partnered with pastry chef Dominique Ansel to produce croissant-themed sneakers. According to Fast Company:

This may be the first-ever sneaker collaboration with a baker. And it is certainly the only sneaker inspired by a croissant on the market… The sneaker’s upper is made of calf leather that has the texture of eggshells, flour-white suede, patent leather the color of yellow butter, and detailing on the toe and heel that looks like sugar. To top everything off, the laces come adorned with a rose-gold croissant accent.

They can be yours for only $348. Oh, and each pair also comes with a package of Dominique Ansel pancake mix.

via weirduniverse.net