The iconic billboard from the “Boeing Bust” era of the 1970s

This billboard was displayed in the early 1970s during a recession that saw Boeing lay off about 70,000 workers. (Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times)

When Boeing fired over 70,000 employees in Seattle during the 1970s Boeing Bust, a billboard was placed on the highway leaving Seattle stating: “Will the last person leaving Seattle turn out the lights.”

Russia removed Saturday and Sunday…

Russia removed Saturday and Sunday from the calendar for 11 years to create a “continuous working week” from 1929 to 1940.
So instead of everyone having Saturday off, some people had Mondays off, others had Tuesdays off, others Wednesday, etc.
So your “Weekend” came at different points of the week so the factories didn’t stop. In theory, from a purely output perspective, it’s brilliant. But then you have to remember the radical notion that people are humans and these humans have lives and loved ones, so if you didn’t get the rest day on the same day as your partner you might not ever really get to spend time with them.