Seven Fascinating Facts of Nintendo History

Dive into the world of Nintendo, the gaming giant with a history as rich and amazing as the games it has graced us with, as we uncover seven fascinating facts about this iconic company.

1. The Origin of Mario’s Name: Back in 1981, Nintendo of America was preparing to release its soon-to-be iconic game, Donkey Kong. However, financial challenges led to an unforgettable visit from the company’s landlord, demanding overdue rent. This altercation happened in front of the company’s president, Minoru Arakawa. In a unique twist, the team decided to name Donkey Kong’s protagonist after their relentless landlord, hence the legendary “Mario” was born.

2. Shigeru Miyamoto’s Safety First Policy: Renowned for creating the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, Shigeru Miyamoto is an invaluable asset to Nintendo. Such is his importance to the company that they have barred him from biking to work, emphasizing that his safety is paramount.

3. Nintendo’s Hint Hotline: If you were a gamer stuck in a Nintendo game during the 90s, your best bet would’ve been the Nintendo Power Line. This hotline, active until 2010, was a go-to source for game hints, solidifying Nintendo’s support for their gaming community.

4. The $9,000 Kid Icarus: In an astonishing discovery, a man from California stumbled upon a pristine, unopened copy of a 1987 Nintendo game called Kid Icarus in his mother’s attic. Incredibly, the game, still in its original shopping bag with a receipt indicating its price of $38.45, was auctioned for a staggering $9,000.

5. The Stubborn Ape – Donkey Kong: When Shigeru Miyamoto proposed the name “Donkey Kong,” intending to convey “stubborn ape” to the American audience, he was met with laughter from Nintendo of America. Despite this initial response, the name stuck and has since become synonymous with Nintendo’s gaming history.

6. Nintendo’s Best Selling Games: Out of the 50 best-selling video games of all time, an impressive 26 were developed by Nintendo, a testament to the company’s enduring popularity and innovative game design.

7. Nintendo in a Time Capsule: In a testament to Nintendo’s cultural impact in the 1990s, a time capsule was buried at the old Nickelodeon Studios. It encapsulated items important to children of that era, including a Nintendo Gameboy, a Back to the Future VHS, and CDs from pop icon Michael Jackson. This highlights the status Nintendo had in shaping the childhood of an entire generation.

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