My Girlfriend in Walk

For those who would like to hold someone’s hand as they walk around, but can’t find anyone human who will oblige, engineers at Gifu University in Japan have invented the “My Girlfriend in Walk”. It’s a robotic hand covered in soft, skin-like gel that will grip your hand. Plus, it emits the scent of a woman’s shampoo, and (through a smartphone app) can simulate the sounds of breathing and rustling clothes.

The inventors hope that it might help people who have been isolated due to the pandemic.

Sammy Nahas, a 38-year-old electrician from Staten Island, has spent…

christmas-lights-decorations-staten-island-dana-ullman-croppedSammy Nahas, a 38-year-old electrician from Staten Island, has spent over $100,000 on Christmas decorations in the last three years. This year alone, he estimates spending around $60,000. The season isn’t all cheery and bright for Nahas. After finalizing a divorce three years ago, he said that Christmas Day actually became the most depressing day of the year for him. But once it’s over, he starts planning for next year.