Scientist Henry Cavendish suffered…

Scientist Henry Cavendish suffered from extreme shyness “bordering on disease”. He discovered several laws not attributed to him because of this shyness. Had secret staircases in his home to avoid his housekeeper -females caused him “extreme distress” and devised a note system to talk to her.
Just to demonstrate to you how amazingly self-effacing Henry Cavendish was, he first discovered 5 entire laws that were never even attributed to him. These were:
– Richter’s Law of Reciprocal Proportions,
– Ohm’s Law,
– Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures,
– Coulomb’s Law
– Charles’s Law of Gases
Why did he never take the credit? Why did none of these laws bare his name? Because he was extremely introverted, and extremely shy. Due to Henry’s asocial and secretive behavior, he eschewed and avoided publishing his findings.