There is liquid…

There is liquid water on Mars. The watery area in question is about 20 kilometers in diameter, and while depth can’t be determined, the deposit would likely have to be at least a meter thick to produce the reflection observed. So at a bare minimum we’re probably looking at a serious quantity of water, on the order of millions of liters.
“It’s not anything you’d want to swim in — negative 80 degrees Fahrenheit, or negative 60 Celsius, and probably more of a thick sludge subsiding here and there into “brine pools.” If I’m not mistaken you’d probably also be crushed like a bug if you weren’t inside some kind of pressure vessel. Still — it’s liquid water. On Mars. Today.”


Humans can hear the difference between…

Humans can hear the difference between hot and cold water being poured. This is because the viscosity of water will go down as temperature increases. As you heat water, it will have more energy and its molecules will be less likely to stick together. Less sticking together results in smaller particles and less force per impact applied to the surface being poured onto.


Liquindi, or Pygmy water drumming, is practiced by the Baka…

Liquindi, or Pygmy water drumming, is practiced by the Baka Forest People of central Africa. Tones are produced by trapping air in one’s hands and hitting the surface of the water, to create percussive musical rhythms.

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