During WWII, the British…

During WWII, the British launched nearly 100,000 weather balloons trailing long metal wires toward occupied Europe, causing power outages when they shorted out power lines and causing at least one German power station to burn down. The US military “rediscovered” this during training operations in the San Diego area a few decades ago when metallic radar cloaking chaff accidentally drifted into a substation causing a widespread power outage. This led to development of ordnance that released carbon fibers for the same effect. It was used during the Iraq war.

Sausage of the North

When British sausage-maker Heck announced that it was going to construct a gigantic sausage statue as tall as Big Ben alongside the A1(M) motorway in England, most people assumed they were joking. Especially since they made the announcement on the day before April Fool’s Day. But it turns out, they weren’t joking and appear to be proceeding with plans to build the “Sausage of the North.”