Hysterical strength

Hysterical strength is a phenomenon where individuals exhibit remarkable physical strength in exceptional circumstances, surpassing their normal capabilities. For instance, a woman who rescued several children by fending off a polar bear and another who lifted a car to a height sufficient to rescue a person are both examples of this remarkable display of strength.

Zac Clark, a 16-year-old football player from Ohio, demonstrated remarkable strength in 2019 when he lifted a car weighing 3,000 lbs to help his neighbor in need.

In 2013, Hannah (16 years old) and Haylee (14 years old), two teenage sisters from Oregon, demonstrated incredible strength when they lifted a tractor to rescue their father who was trapped beneath it.

In the mid 1770s, a group of English physicians…

In the mid 1770s, a group of English physicians conducted experiments to investigate the limits of human survival in extreme temperatures. They took turns exposing themselves to temperatures as high as 260F/127C in specially heated rooms. Through their research, they were able to demonstrate the connection between perspiration and the body‘s ability to regulate heat.