Human Adaptation: Designed for the Tropics, Surviving the Cold

Humans, by nature, are a species designed for tropical climates. Our evolutionary journey has shaped our bodies to thrive in warm and humid environments. Considering the span of our species’ evolution, we are relatively new to adapting to cold climates, and from a physiological standpoint, our bodies aren’t inherently equipped to endure such conditions.

Woodpeckers’ Ingenious Brain Protection

As a woodpecker relentlessly pecks at tree trunks, its tongue retracts into its skull and encircles the brain, providing essential protection from the intense vibrations. This remarkable adaptation is just one of the many unique traits of woodpeckers, who also possess specialized beaks and robust neck muscles, enabling them to efficiently drill into trees in search of insects, create nesting cavities, and communicate through drumming patterns. These fascinating birds truly exemplify the wonders of nature and evolutionary design.