Free cash

In New Jersey, the back door of an armored Brink’s truck wasn’t working properly and opened during the drive. Cash came pouring out of the truck, causing much excitement and chaos – including car crashes – on the morning drive.

In November of 2018, an ATM in Houston, Texas, dispensed $100 bills instead of $10 bills by mistake. Word quickly spread on social media about the broken ATM, and people formed a line of cars to get the extra cash. Bank of America disabled the ATM and released the following statement: “This was an incident at a single ATM in Houston caused when a vendor incorrectly loaded $100 bills in place of $10 bills. We have resolved the matter. Customers will be able to keep the additional money dispensed,” according to ABC13.

Upon being told he couldn’t go…

Upon being told he couldn’t go to Disneyland due to security concerns, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev went berserk. He said afterwards, “What do you have there – rocket launching pads? Is there a cholera epidemic down there? Have gangsters taken control of the place? Your police are strong enough to lift up a bull; surely they are strong enough to take care of gangsters?” Khrushchev left LA the next morning.