College Majors and Marriage Rates by Age 30

A research study examined the influence of one’s college major on the likelihood of being married by the age of 30. Education, Plant Science, and Microbiology majors had the highest marriage rates, with 70-80% of them being married by age 30. Conversely, majors in Geography, Theater Arts, Music, Philosophy, and International Relations experienced the lowest marriage rates, with only 32-46% being married by the same age.

Fraternity Membership: Lower GPA, Higher Future Earnings

In 2019, a study conducted by Union College discovered that while joining a fraternity during college decreased a student’s GPA by an average of 0.25 points, it also led to a 36% increase in their future earnings. This suggests that despite the potential academic impact, fraternity membership may provide valuable networking opportunities and other benefits that positively influence career prospects in the long term.