10 Incredible Insights About Missouri

Peel back the curtains on the fascinating state of Missouri, and you’ll discover a host of intriguing facts that may astound you. Welcome to ’10 Incredible Insights About Missouri’.

Image of St. Louis downtown with Gateway Arch at twilight.
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1. In an impressive ecological milestone, Missouri emerged as the pioneering US state to embed wildlife conservation into its constitution. Established through a statewide referendum, this move aimed to shield it from easy repeal. Eighty-one years later, Missouri’s wildlife conservation framework is recognized and respected worldwide.

2. In the quest to recall all 50 states of the US, it seems ‘Missouri’ is the one most likely to be overlooked. So next time you take on that challenge, don’t forget the ‘Show-Me State’.

3. Thanks to industrial influence, Missouri boasts some of the most lenient alcohol laws in the nation. Everything from hard liquor retailing in grocery stores and gas stations, to bars doubling up as liquor stores, and even public intoxication, is permissible. Most areas even allow open containers, including passengers in vehicles.

4. In a startling episode, a Missourian intentionally damaged a Mississippi River levee to hinder his wife’s return home, thereby extending his party time. The resulting flood covered 14,000 acres. This man was subsequently arrested, convicted of instigating a catastrophe, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

5. Did you know that the United States safeguards a mammoth cheese stockpile of 1.4 billion pounds in Missouri’s caves? Now that’s a lot of cheese!

6. In a dark chapter of Missouri’s history, Governor Lilburn Boggs issued Executive Order 44 in 1838, mandating all Mormons to exit the state or face execution. Disturbingly, this decree remained in effect until 1976, making it legal to murder Mormons in Missouri.

7. In a bizarre twist of fate, due to a communication mishap, Missouri authorities assumed Michael Anderson was serving his 13-year sentence for armed robbery in prison. The error was only discovered as his supposed release date approached, revealing they had forgotten to incarcerate him.

8. The Mormon community holds the belief that the original Garden of Eden is located in Jackson County, Missouri. A truly divine location!

9. Walt Disney, before his death, had envisioned creating a Disney park in his birthplace of Marceline, Missouri. This quaint city, with a population slightly over 2,000, inspired the iconic “Main Street, USA” in Disneyland.

10. Missouri also claims the sweet accolade of being the birthplace of the ice cream cone, which is believed to have debuted at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1904.

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