4 Insights into the World of Gasoline

Close-up of a men's hand using a fuel nozzle at a gas station. Petrol station. Filling station. Petrol. Gasoline.
Photo by depositphotos.com
  1. A Grass-to-Gas Phenomenon: The act of manicuring America’s greenspaces has a surprisingly high fuel footprint. Lawn mowing activities across the country guzzle a staggering 800 million gallons of gas annually.
  2. Manhattan’s Golden Gas Stations: In the bustling streets of Manhattan, gas stations have become a rare sight, not because of dwindling vehicle numbers, but due to soaring real estate prices. The value of the land often surpasses the potential profit from selling gas, leading many owners to opt for property deals over fuel sales.
  3. Seasonal Shifts in Fuel: Many are unaware that gasoline undergoes a seasonal transformation. The transition from winter to summer demands a switch to summer-grade fuel, in line with EPA regulations. These alterations prevent unhealthy gasoline evaporation, especially during warmer months, and contribute to the hike in gas prices during summer.
  4. The Mysteries of Zone Pricing: Ever wondered why gas prices vary from one station to another? The phenomenon, known as ‘zone pricing,’ is a discreet strategy employed by oil corporations. It entails charging dealers varied amounts based on specific zones, ensuring maximized profits.

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