5 Surprising Fun Facts About Termites

The intricate world of termites often goes unnoticed, but these small creatures harbor some of the most fascinating behaviors and capabilities in the animal kingdom. Termites might just be small insects to many, but they’re behind some mighty feats that mirror the complexities of human societies. Let’s delve into five fun facts about these underestimated architects of the insect world.

Termite on brushwood
Photo by depositphotos.com

1. House Termites’ British Invasion and Eradication: House Termites managed to cross into England despite its predominantly brick, block, or stone construction, which defies their preference for timber-framed houses. However, a persistent 27-year government-funded program successfully eradicated them by 2021, showcasing human determination against ecological disruptions.

2. Termites as Biofuel Producer: In the realm of renewable energy, termites are undergoing research for their remarkable ability to produce hydrogen. By consuming just a single sheet of paper, these tiny organisms can generate up to two liters of hydrogen, positioning them as one of the most efficient natural bioreactors on the planet.

3. A 3,000-Year-Old Termite Megapolis: In Brazil, scientists stumbled upon a termite metropolis as vast as the UK, believed to be around 3,000 years old. To construct this colossal structure, the termites moved enough soil to equate the mass of 4,000 Great Pyramids of Giza. Moreover, termites, alongside certain ants, are the pioneering agriculturists, having practiced farming 50-60 million years before humans even considered it.

4. Royal Lifespans and Cockroach Cousins: Contrary to common belief, termites aren’t close relatives of ants but are more akin to cockroaches. In their societal structure, not only is there a queen, but also a king, both reigning over the colony. Astoundingly, the queen termite outlives all other insects, with a life expectancy that can extend up to half a century. The kings are not short-lived after mating either; they stay alongside their queens for life.

5. The Selfless Elder Guardians: Termites redefine the concept of aging gracefully. The elders of the colony take on the role of guardians, equipped with ‘explosive backpacks’ of blue crystals. When threats loom, these aged warriors commit the ultimate sacrifice, detonating themselves to release deadly toxins that repel or kill adversaries, thus preserving their communities. This selfless act is a dramatic but vital strategy for colony defense, showcasing nature’s blend of ingenuity and sacrifice.

In these five facts alone, termites challenge our views on insects, showing us that they are not only master builders and potential biofuel producers but also have complex social hierarchies and self-defense strategies that rival the most advanced of societies.

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