6 Surprising Facts About the Airline Industry

The world of aviation is not just about traveling from one destination to another. It’s a realm filled with peculiar stories and fascinating facts that often fly under the radar.

Blurred background of interior aircraft , luggage cabin. the atmosphere in the aircraft cabin before the flight
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From unique airline services to the surprising impact of flying on our senses, here are six intriguing aspects of airlines that you might not know.

1. Flights to Nowhere During COVID-19: Amid the pandemic, some airlines took to offering “flights to nowhere,” where planes would take off and land at the same airport. This unusual practice wasn’t just a novelty; it helped airlines maintain their allotted gate slots at airports, kept flight crews and air traffic controllers in practice, and ensured ongoing aircraft maintenance. Such flights were a creative response to keep the aviation industry operational during challenging times.

2. Air Horse One – The Equine Airline: There’s an exclusive airline for horses, aptly nicknamed ‘Air Horse One.’ This service goes the extra mile to ensure its four-legged passengers are comfortable, with pilots making wide, gentle turns and smooth ascents and descents to prevent the horses from getting spooked or losing their balance.

3. American Airlines’ Unchanged Flight Number: While it’s common for airlines to retire flight numbers following fatal accidents, American Airlines is an exception. They continue to use flight number 1, despite its history of three major crashes.

4. Janet Airlines’ Secret Service: “Janet” Airlines operates as a secretive, full-service airline, transporting military and contractor employees to classified sites like Area 51. Its name is believed to be an acronym for ‘Just Another Non-Existent Terminal.’

5. Hooters Air: Between 2003 and 2006, Hooters operated its own airline. The flights included the regular flight crew and attendants, along with the restaurant chain’s signature Hooters Girls, known for their distinctive attire.

6. The Science Behind Airline Food Taste: Ever wonder why airline food tastes different? It’s not just the food itself but also the flying conditions – including low air pressure, dry cabin air, and ambient noise – that dull our senses of smell and taste, altering our perception of flavors.

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