From Earth to Dish: 8 Mind-Boggling Facts About Texas

The Lone Star State, known for its vast landscapes, distinctive culture, and deep-rooted history, never ceases to surprise.

An abandoned old barn with the symbol of Texas painted on the roof sits in a rural area of the state, framed by farmland.
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Delve into these eight quirky tidbits about Texas that’ll have you scratching your head and packing your bags:

Are We in Canada? There’s a twist of geography in Texas that’ll baffle many. A town named “Canadian” resides here, and its proud inhabitants? They’re naturally called “Canadians”.
Lost in Translation: If you ever find yourself in Norway and someone calls you “Texas,” they’re not referencing your cowboy hat. In Norwegian slang, “Texas” actually means ‘crazy’.
Power to the People: Texas stands alone, at least when it comes to power. With its very own power grid, Texas dodges federal oversight. Plus, it leads the nation in renewable energy production. Talk about being self-sufficient!
Double Allegiance: Love for country and state intermingle in Texas. It’s the one of the few states where citizens pledge their allegiance not just to the national flag, but also to the Texan state flag.
One Earth in the Universe: Texas boasts the unique distinction of housing the only place officially named “Earth.” That’s right, the town of Earth is the singular place on our planet with that moniker.
A Turbulent Past: The history books will tell you that Texas once belonged to Mexico, then stood as its own nation for nearly a decade before joining the U.S. in 1845. A major contention point leading to its independence? Mexico’s decision to abolish slavery, which Texans took as a breach of their rights.
Litter No More: The iconic slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas” wasn’t born out of state pride or a warning to outsiders. In fact, it began as an anti-litter campaign. Impressively, the message led to a whopping 72% decrease in litter in just a few years.
The Price of Renaming: Ever considered renaming your city for free satellite service? That’s precisely what one Texan city did. Formerly not named “DISH,” they decided to adopt the moniker to enjoy a decade of free Dish Satellite service.

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